Health Benefits of Running Daily

01 Sep

Running or jogging is among the most common forms of physical activities which offer a lot of health benefits. However, non-runners see running as a tedious, exhausting and painful form of exercise. But the post-work out strain and muscle soreness would do more for your health than just lower your numbers on the weighing scale and tone you up. Here are some reasons why you should start running at least five minutes daily.

Improved Brain Performance

Running increases heart rate and improves blood flow in the body. Aside from improved cardiovascular health, running provides improved brain and cognition in aging adults. Running allows you to think straight and have a sound mind.

Better Mood

Running helps boost your spirit and gives you a positive feeling every day. Many runners attest that after they’ve finished a good run, they get a feeling of elation or ‘runner’s high’. This is caused by the increase in endocannabinoids that are chemicals in the brain that signal pleasure.

A Good Night’s Sleep

A 5-minute run every day can help you get some sound sleep at night. Studies show that running or jogging eases sleeping difficulties because it causes an increase in body temperature. Exercise is known to have heating effects to the body that promotes falling asleep. Furthermore, a good run improves sleeping habits by easing anxiety and depression.

Curt Ellerbee is a very healthy man at the age of 52 mainly because of his strict exercise regimen that includes running at least 5 minutes every day.

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