What Makes a Good Lawyer?

25 Aug

Are you looking for a lawyer or aspiring to be one? Here are some of the things a good lawyer should have.

Negotiation Skills – One of the most important skills good lawyers possess is negotiation skills. Good lawyers are good negotiators, and they know how to get the desired outcome of the case in favor of his or her client’s best interest.

Analytical Skills – Expert lawyers have excellent analytical skills. They can easily assess complicated situations and come up with a good resolution. It should also be easy for them to analyze quickly a huge amount of data and make use of them to help with the case.

Good Paper Talent – A good lawyer should be able to draft motions and correspondence that are professionally written and well cited. They make no room for typographical and grammatical errors, and they make sure they maintain proper decorum through their written words.

Research Skills – Lawyers need an extensive amount of research to come up with a legal strategy. They need to have excellent research skills to be able to think of sensible solutions to every problem they encounter in the case or to comprehend relevant information presented to them.

Interpersonal Skills – Good lawyers know how to communicate and reach out to other people. They have excellent interpersonal skills that allow them to build trusting relationships with their clients and anyone they work with.

Public Speaking Skills – One of the most important skills a good lawyer must have is excellent public speaking skills. He or she should be comfortable speaking inside a courtroom full of people.

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