14 Aug

Determination is a requirement if a person desires success in life. Without determination, they might give up at the slightest resistance. It is something that people can either be born with, trained into, or they can learn it with experience. Sometimes it takes a lot of determination for a person to do a job they dislike, but it is a part of becoming a professional. The first time a person goes to work sick because their employer needed them is their first real step into adulthood. Being able to do what must be done is an ability that too few people are able to tap into. Of course, some people are better at this than others. Some people complain endlessly when they are forced to do something they do not want to do. It is during times like this that their determination is tested. Some people deal with stress by complaining, while others see the futility in saying such things.

Determination is the way most professionals get through the hardest days in their lives, and it is something anyone will tell you is required to make it through and stay sane. Curt Ellerbee has worked as a lawyer in the San Diego area for well over two decades, and he has spent the majority of that time helping his clients and enjoying his job. However, there have been enough times over the years that his mettle has been tested. His determination is what got him through the toughest of those times and is the reason he has been able to keep working and succeeding to this day.

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