Curt Ellerbee – What is a Civil Litigation Attorney?

13 Aug

The main responsibility of a litigation attorney is to take a lawsuit in court and of course, win the case. However, litigation attorneys sometimes settle their cases outside of court. There are two types of litigation attorneys, criminal litigation, and a civil litigation lawyer. A criminal litigation attorney works on federal prosecution cases. On the other hand, civil litigation attorneys usually specialize in various areas such as personal injury charges, debt settlement, employment discrimination, alimony, and tenant-landlord contract violation cases.

A civil litigation lawyer will help you file and pursue a civil case or a non-criminal lawsuit. He can also give you valid advice on whether it is best to take your case to the legal court or handle it outside the courtroom.

Lawyers that specialize in this type of legal practice prepare for all aspects of a civil court system trial that involves knowing the scope and purpose of the case. They also prepare formal paperwork or petitions required for the lawsuit. After preparing for the lawsuit, it is their responsibility to collect information on the case, compile documents, and take testimony outside of the court and request information from the opposing party or their attorney.

A civil litigation lawyer handles communications between his client and the other party. During a trial, it is his duty to represent his client and work on the client’s behalf to negotiate a good settlement.  Since litigation lawyers have a deep understanding of local laws and processes, their expertise will help you win your lawsuit. Curt Ellerbee is a reputed civil litigation lawyer for 20 years.

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